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Graham Ikin – bespoke furniture designer, makes stylish contemporary furniture at his home and workshop in the Cotswolds. He believes that the involvement of the client in the creative process results in the design of unique pieces of furniture which not only meet individual needs but are also enjoyed for many years to come.



The care that he takes is evident in the subtle features of every commission; a chamfer here, a small inlay there or perhaps a hidden compartment, to lift and differentiate. Every design piece is special!

A complete PDF catalogue of all the current designs from Graham Ikin is available to download and view here!

“We are delighted with the ‘Omega’, so clean looking. It is so pleasing to wake in the morning to see the omega shadow cast against the wall from the outside light.”

Mr H – Windsor


Graham Ikin comes from a long line of artisans and craftsmen with carpenters, boot-makers and artists in his genealogy.

So it was no surprise that from an early age he has designed and made furniture from wood.

In his teenage years he built three boats of increasing size and complexity and made furniture for himself and his family. However, this enterprise was suppressed on leaving school with only modest qualifications and the need to earn a living. Graham was apprenticed to an engineering company and gained technical qualifications, progressively rising through the company right upto board level. During this period the creative aspect of his personality was focused towards engineering design.

Over more recent years and with more time for himself the spark of creativity, never far below the surface, led him to start designing and making furniture once more. Since then Graham has exhibited many times at the prestigious Celebration of Craftsmanship in Cheltenham and has also completed many successful commissions. He shows regularly at the Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair and many other well known venues.

His style has its roots in Art Deco but with a more contemporary feel using a wide variety of timbers to add interest and shape and also integrating his engineering experience into many of his designs. He works alone from his Cotswolds workshop but his furniture is now in homes across the country.


Graham is a full member of the Gloucester Guild of Craftsmen.
Click on the logo to go to their website.


Crafts Alive at Rodmarton Manor Gloucs. 13th to 17th September

Graham Ikin – Furniture Designer & Cabinetmaker

Showroom at Malmesbury is open for viewing by appointment only.

simply call: 01666 822 664  or email:


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